Urbane, educated and just right!

 I was sitting at the dining table, nibbling on cold food after a long day of work. I was famished and bone-tired and wanted to just get into bed when I hear the phone ring. It’s my mum. I answer reluctantly – not what you’re thinking, she is not some drug-crazed mother who didn’t take care of me in my childhood – but she does seem addicted…addicted to this idea of getting me married! 

‘Hi, ma…how are you?’

“I’m good. Are you just back from work? Did you eat?’

‘I’m just eating. I had a long day. Can we talk tomorrow?’

‘We can…but I wanted to share something with you..’

I knew what was coming and it felt violent like the bile that builds up in your throat before you throw up! And I swallowed hard to brace myself for it. 

‘You know that matrimonial bureau that Rima aunty runs? She called with the perfect rishta for you! He is the only son, has a Ph.D., and even your kundlis match…’ And on she went when I tuned out and hit the bed. 

Sounds familiar?

Your parents want you to get married, your mama, chachi and everyone in between is calling to ask about when they can ‘hear the good news’! And here is the best part, you are ready too, but these matrimonial websites and the likes of Rima aunty are such a letdown. They don’t know what you want! 

So I thought, I could go at it on my own and tried the dating apps. Setting up the profile was fairly easy and as I got busy swiping another ring broke my train of thoughts. 

‘Hi, Saloni, how are you? Why are you crying? What? What do you mean?’

‘I used this dating app and met who I thought was a wonderful man. We have been on 6 dates and he has been a perfect gentleman but last night, on our dinner date, his wife walked up to us!!!’

I could hear her sobbing quietly on the other end of the line. I could hear the anguish in her voice. She is heartbroken. 

‘I thought I found the one! Are we just destined to this kind of meaningless dating, casual sex, and shameless lying? Will I never find love?’, she lamented. 

I offered her some words of comfort and promised to meet her for dinner for some comfort food that we both needed – because, this was enough warning for me to delete my newly created profile!

I got thinking, mum and Rita aunty were not making sense, I could not dress up and bring tea to a bunch of strangers who were coming to ‘look at me’ like I was cattle being sold at a fair. It was too archaic! And the dating apps seem to have an abysmally low number of people looking to actually get married! And I was in no mood for a casual hook-up. 

My next best option was a matrimonial site. So, begrudgingly, I signed up. 

If the rishtas that Rima aunty was getting didn’t make me feel like the aforementioned cattle at a fair, this surely did. They asked about my preferences, eating habits, salary, and more. I thought with this kind of information they would find me my prince charming overnight. Here I was, looking for an urban, educated and working kind of person and the algorithms were throwing up random profiles that barely make the cut – someone who didn’t want his spouse to work after marriage, someone whose education looked a bit miffed, someone who wanted a ‘Looking for a tall, fair and slim girl with homely demeanor’.

Ah, no thank you! I was disappointed, to say the least!

Just when I thought I wanted to give up, I got yet another call, and this call was my savior! 

‘Hi, there! I finally found an Indian-match-matching-tamasha proof way of finding someone! And I’m getting married in December!’, Varun said excitedly! 

He was so overjoyed, he could barely contain it. This platform ensured no casual or timepass hook-ups. All the profiles were created by the brides or grooms themselves (no future excuses of ‘but my mum put it up!’). They would search for the right candidate for you based on your inputs – and no-nonsense of kundlis matching, dowry asking, and the likes. And the best part – the pricing was reasonable, affordable, and not based on what the wedding would cost! 

Do you also feel like me? Then don’t think twice and create your profile on BVowed today!

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