Try Something New!

A simple hello could lead to a million things.’ At BVowed we believe in possibilities and also know that that they arise when you let new people and new thoughts into your life. Meeting new people can be inspiring and eye opening in more ways than one and that’s exactly why our ‘’Round the Room format’ encourages you to meet like-minded people and have more meaningful conversations in a short span of time. (read more about that right here).

So while meeting people is great for your love life, here are the 4 other advantages of allowing new people into your life:

1. Perfect way to share ideas & collaborate –Sharing ideas and collaborating can lead to great lifelong partnerships in life. Sometimes it is rightly said that two minds, especially those that think alike, often work better than one.

  1. 2. Is a great way to pool resources – From a specialized expertise to key contacts, sharing resources is always a good idea for both your personal and professional lives.

  2. 3. Allows you to bond with like-minded people – You may be a fitness fanatic or a thorough perfectionist. You may be a scrabble whiz or have your own collection of postal stamps. The point is meeting new people is the best possible way to find someone just as quirky as you.

  3. 4. Helps you expand your horizons – Always wanted to try paragliding or deep sea diving but haven’t had the courage to do so? From new cuisines to new film genres or fresh hobbies, the world is full of possibilities waiting to be explored. And what better way to try something new than to do it with someone whose been there and done that?

And need we say that it’s been scientifically proven – you only take 4 minutes to decide whether or not you’re likely to be attracted to someone! Come give the Bvowed Round the Room events a shot and see if this fact is true for you.

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