Terms and Conditions


  • BVowed is a matchmaking platform for the Indians across the globe that helps highly eligible singles to find the right match. The service includes events hosted by BVowed for singles to get introduced to other singles.
  • BVowed doesn’t guarantee that we will definitely find you a life partner.
  • BVowed takes the utmost care to screen all candidates using publicly available information and to ensure that they are qualified and eligible to join BVowed platform, but does not guarantee the character of their members or the correctness of the information declared by the members.


You will only be considered for membership if –

  • You are at least 21 years of age
  • To register as a member of BVowed, you must be legally single and not involved in a romantic relationship.
  • This platform is not intended to encourage and/or promote unlawful sexual relationships and/or extra marital affairs or other illegal practices.


  • BVowed reserves the right to approve or reject your membership application without any justification being given. BVowed may also choose to use other online platforms to verify the information you receive. For the purpose of checking the information you give, you provide BVowed with permission to share your information.
  • Through applying for membership or becoming a member, you agree to accept all types of contact from BVowed, including phone calls, emails, mailers, and text messages.
  • Event fees are non-transferable. charges for events are also non-refundable, unless BVowed cancel the event.
  • You are NOT eligible for a refund if you don’t turn up for the event or if you are late and miss part of the event.
  • You are eligible for a 100% refund if we cancel or reschedule an event.


  • You consent to use the website of BVowed in a legal and ethical manner. Our website contains information that is copyright and proprietary. No user or participant is allowed to download or post any photos or text from our site. No visitor or participant can recreate our website for personal use, including saving our website in whole or in part on their hard drive or in PDF format.
  • BVowed can only take photographs that you may be a part of at the events. They are entitled to use any of the photos for ads, promotions and/or other business purposes without further notice or compensation to you.


  • BVowed shall not be liable for any incorrect or inaccurate content posted on or relating to the Website, whether induced by users visiting the Site, Members or any of the equipment or programming associated with or used in the Service, or for the actions of any user and/or employee of the Site / service, whether online or offline. If you Choose to use BVowed you do so freely at your own risk.
  • BVowed shall not be liable in case of false information shared by members.
  • The website takes no responsibility for any mistake, omission, interruption, deletion, malfunction, delay in service or transmission, communication line breakdown, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to or modification of user and/or member communications.
  • Under no conditions will the site be responsible for any loss or damage to any person or reputation arising from the use of the Site or the Service by anyone and/or any material posted on or distributed to members of the Site.


We will share the profiles at the event through WhatsApp or Email where you need to mention the names of the people you liked at the event. On the basis of the mutual matches after the event meetup, we will exchange details and contact information of the two concerned people.


We reserve the right to change the event venue and timing. Before any update, we will try to give you as much notice as possible. Venues are subject to change and there will be no refunds for changes to the venue. The closest appropriate location available will be used as a replacement.


You agree to hold BVowed safe, protect and indemnify against and against all officials, shareholders, executive directors, subsidiaries, licensors, advertisers, retailers, event partners,licensees, administrators, members, investors, representatives, associates, consultants and staff, including but not limited to, damages, allegations, requests, expenses, liabilities, litigation, attorney fees incurred by such individuals or groups in conjunction with any dispute or claim arising out of your breach of this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You consent to cooperate fully as such an argument would entail. BVowed has the right, at its own expense, to defend itself entirely and exclusively in relation to any claim you make for compensation.