Our Services

Good looks are eye candy,but a good conversation is food for the soul.

So let’s get you conversing, sharing, expressing…

You have the option to select one of our two exclusive formats – Round the Room and Cupid Connect. If you need help in deciding, reach out to us and we would be happy to help you.

E-Meets services:

In this pandemic situation, E-Meets is the perfect service for people who are looking to make a
romantic connection at the convenience of their homes. We will connect you to three best
matches with whom you can have interesting conversations and eventually vibe with someone
whose nuttiness matches your own.

How it works:

  • Register your profile and request invite to the event
  • Accept invite to the event
  • Meet each and every person in the event through a structured format
  • Let us know who you would like to continue the conversation with
  • We share your contact information after the event, only in case of mutual interest shown by both individuals.

This format works well for those who are looking at ….

  • An efficient way to meet multiple people in a couple of hours.
  • A contemporary experience to meet others interested in finding a life partner

Cupid Connect

Do you believe that in-depth and intimate conversations are the best way to know someone? If yes , then cupid connect ,  where we set  up one-on-one calls , are just the thing for you.
Our team does detailed profiling across multiple factors such as age, profession, personality traits and interests. Then we zero-in on a set of individuals we believe are best suited to meet with you. Just like you, each of these people go through our screening processes before being accepted for this service.

How it works:

  • Register your profile
  • Give us a peak into your life and preferences, in the interaction with your BVowed matchmaker
  • Meet matches curated for you, one-on-one
  • Let us know who you would like to continue talking to

This format works well for those who are looking at ….

  • Acustomized matchmaking service
  • A discreet one-on-one meet with a like-minded person