Our Story

Why the name BVowed?  “In a world where we wait for nothing and are not afraid to be go-getters in every other aspect of life, why do we have to rely on our relatives, well-intentioned acquaintances or friends when it comes to finding the right one? The idea of BVowed was born when I realized how many people out there want to find committed love…not the kind that is there in fairy tales or the kind designed by the age-old, arranged marriage formula. But the kind that is borne of the meeting of two minds and can grow from strength-to-strength to last a lifetime. Each one of us, shaped by our life experiences and colored in our own quirks has the right to expect that kind of love and at BVowed we help you find it.” – Ruchira Gupta, Founder, BVowed

Meet our Founder - Ruchira

An alumna of IIM, Bangalore and LSR, Delhi University, Ruchira began her career as a corporate matchmaker, pairing up the right people with the right jobs. She worked with a start-up in the early years of her corporate career and enjoyed every minute of it. She has worked across reputed organizations for 20 years, before she came up with the idea for BVowed. Ruchira believes that with BVowed life has come a full circle. She is back to working with a start-up, only this time her own and doing what she loves best –helping people find the right match for themselves.

On the weekends you will find her in a café, either hosting a BVowed event or simply chilling with her husband Sachin. Ruchira met him through a formal, arranged set-up and they have been Scrabble soul mates for over 15 years now!

To connect with Ruchira, message her on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruchira-gupta-71248412/