Finding a life partner can be a complex task but at BVowed we have tried to simplify the process for you. If you still have any questions/queries please go through our FAQs right here or feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to help you.

General FAQs

Simply register online and wait to hear about your acceptance.
Currently the membership registration is free for a limited period. You need to pay for the service you would be opting for.

You can click on payment link given in the invite email you will receive from us. You can pay using your credit/debit card or using your bank’s net banking service.

Our verification process is well-structured and consists of multiple steps. First share your basic information and then go through our screening process. First you upload your basic documents online and then go through social media verification and finally a personal interaction with the B Vowed team.
We will share enough information to give your potential match basic details like location, occupation, education, age, but will not share aspects such as full name, workplace etc. that reveal your identity, as privacy is of utmost importance to us.
Sorry, it’s not possible because we believe that being willing to find someone is the first step in our search process. If you would like your family member/friend to register, you can contact us and we would be happy to give them an introduction to BVowed.

We cater to single Indians across  the globe

Yes, you can utilize our Services  that  cater to single Indians across the globe.

Nothing and absolutely nothing in life comes with a guarantee. In this day and age, compatibility is the most important criterion to get married. The only thing we guarantee is introduction to the right matches ,a greater chance to shortlist and connect with the right match . 

Yes we do, as long as it is legal in India, we follow non-discrimination policy with respect to our services. You will have to go through the same registration and verification process like all other applicants.

Round the Room (E-Meetups) 

Each event will have a separate invite so you only pay for each event you attend.
Our team takes into consideration age group, demographic factors and other specifications before short listing invitees for each event.
Though we will try our best to maintain a 50:50 ratio, we cannot guarantee an exactly equal number of men and women attendees at each event.
If the other person is also interested in talking to you again, we will share contact information between both of you after the event. Please note – Contact information will be shared only on the basis of mutual interest between two people.
We respect the time of each of our members. Hence, all payments are non-refundable
Yes, of course! If your match happens to be from the same city as yours you can meet them at a restaurant/café.
After the first meet up, you can mention in the feedback form sent across and If the consent is mutual between both the parties, then BVowed will share the contact information between both of them.

We have designed our services to reach a wide number of people. Not everyone would have detailed preferences hence, this is for people who have preferences limited to age, marital status and profession.

If the matches provided to you do not satisfy you, then you can renew your membership and my team will connect you with the new matches.
We respect the time and efforts put in by each of our team members. Hence, we follow a strict non- refundable policy.

Cupid Connect (Curated Matchmaking) 

We offer upto three selected meetings per plan.

We will be happy to match you with 3 more people as soon as you renew your Cupid Connect membership plan with us.

These meetings will be set-up through calls

No. These meetings have been designed as one-to-one interactions between two individuals.